Learn Organically with Oak Meadow

 October 14, 2015

Learn Organically with Oak Meadow

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When children are given love, freedom, a natural environment, and opportunities for creative expression, they have always found ways to release their unique genius. By providing these fertile attributes in their homeschooling journey, parents will bring forth artists, scientists, and leaders. ~ Lawrence Williams, Oak Meadow founder

Yearning for the educational freedom and flexibility to explore your interests, talents, and passions? Dreaming of an academic approach that syncs with your family’s rhythms and lifestyle? Is school getting in the way?

Oak Meadow’s homeschooling curriculum for K-12 encourages creativity and intellectual development through hands-on activities and interdisciplinary projects. Child-centered and nature-based, families love our organic approach to personalized learning.

Use independently or enroll in our fully accredited distance learning school. Visit oakmeadow.com or call 802-251-7250 to speak with one of our friendly educational counselors.