On the Hunt for a Homeschooling Curriculum that Fits your Family?

On the Hunt for a Homeschool Curriculum that Fits your Family?

January 30, 2012
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Even experienced homeschooling families can be overwhelmed by the dizzying array of curriculum options available today. Many curriculum providers use a test-based format that only works for a certain type of student while others rely heavily on worksheets and written repetition. Some only offer an online option, or are linked to big business where the bottom line is financial rather than educational; others are so new, it’s hard to determine how comprehensive or effective they will be.

Oak Meadow School combines experience and innovation, and provides both print based and online alternatives. More importantly, we offer a creative and uniquely flexible approach that acknowledges the myriad of ways that students can learn. Whether you chose to purchase our curriculum, or enroll in our fully accredited school for the added benefit of teacher support and school records, you can be assured of a learning experience that truly fits your family.

Oak Meadow: Helping Families Find the Right Fit

Oak Meadow supports homeschoolers in many ways. Here are some free tools to guide you on your curriculum hunt:

Curriculum Samples: When families come to us with their curriculum questions, they generally want to know how our curriculum meets their needs at a specific grade level. Our Educational Counselors are happy to answer these questions on the phone, but we also offer grade-specific sample curriculum for easy comparison and review. Our K-8 catalog also provides grade overviews that detail the scope and sequence of skills and content in each subject, which can help you identify your curriculum needs and plan your academic year. Our High School Catalog includes course suggestions by grade and tips on college admissions.

Free Seasonal Journal: Our journal, Living Education, is an excellent resource for families exploring homeschooling options. For example, our winter issue includes important perspectives on teaching good writing skills, and past issues include articles on reading readiness, the value of boredom, and homeschooling multiple children. To receive the latest issue, email us at [email protected].

Curriculum Check List: The educational principles that have guided Oak Meadow curriculum development for over 30 years provide the benchmark for complete, creative homeschooling. We invite you to apply them to your own search:

Involves the whole child

Oak Meadow believes that true education involves more than just the intellect: it engages and integrates every aspect of the child. Many parents intuitively understand that true intelligence arises when children are given opportunities to engage their hands and hearts as well as their heads. Make sure your curriculum includes assignments that ask children to not only read, write, and think, but also to paint, draw, play music, write poetry, and build things. Oak Meadow curriculum encourages balanced and healthy development, and a true flexibility of thinking.

Adapts to each child’s unique learning style

There are many ways to learn, and parents and educators know every student is different. Oak Meadow understands this and allows students to demonstrate their mastery of the material in a variety of ways. This emphasis on choice is especially important for families seeking to accommodate unique visual, auditory, or physical learning styles. By integrating lessons across subject disciplines, students engage with assignments in a more meaningful and memorable way. Make sure your curriculum offers a choice of assignments, such as those seen in our curriculum samples. With Oak Meadow, when studying the rich culture of the Middle Ages in 6th grade, for example, students can chose a project such as studying heraldry and creating their own family coat of arms, designing and making a small tapestry, or writing a song or poem describing the deeds of a chivalrous knight.

Adapts to each family’s learning lifestyle

The right homeschooling curriculum for you will not only serve the needs of your child, but also be a good match for your family’s values and lifestyle. Oak Meadow’s flexible weekly lesson format honors the many ways that homeschooling families live and learn. It is easy to adapt your lesson schedule to accommodate travel, artistic or athletic pursuits, and community activities. Lessons provide many options for assignments, and families are encouraged to adapt the curriculum to create a customized learning experience.

Respects the natural development of children

An understanding of the developmental needs of children is the foundation of Oak Meadow’s curriculum. Healthy childhood development is fostered by introducing subjects and skills in a carefully considered sequence. Make sure your curriculum keeps lessons well-grounded in a familiar reality for the young child, with abstract concepts gradually introduced as the student advances through the curriculum. As students progress toward high school, critical thinking and the ability to analyze and synthesize material should be emphasized. Imagination, experimentation, and inquiry should be carefully balanced through the grades in a way that keeps the wonder and excitement of learning alive for all students.

Aligns with rigorous academic standards

Taking into account state standards nationwide, Oak Meadow has developed a curriculum that upholds rigorous standards while maintaining a commitment to a creative, innovative, and child-centered education. Furthermore, students who enroll in our fully accredited school receive the added benefit of having their work guided and assessed by an experienced teacher, and receiving official school transcripts. For high school students, this can be of particular importance as they delve into complex subject material and prepare for college and career.


Homeschooling with Oak Meadow means you can feel confident that your student is getting a comprehensive education that is infused with creativity, fosters the joy of learning, and helps your student develop into a confident and accomplished independent learner. To discover more about Oak Meadow Curriculum and School, call 802-251-7250 to speak with one of our experienced Educational Counselors. You can also send an email to [email protected], or visit our website at oakmeadow.com. We invite you to craft an exceptional educational experience with Oak Meadow.