Put Some Inspiration In Your Back-To-School

Put Some Inspiration In Your Back-To-School
August 20, 2012
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Looking for hands-on math projects? Out-of-the-ordinary science experiments? Writing challenges that spark the imagination? Keeping up with rigorous academic standards can, and should, be inspiring. Oak Meadow’s award-winning homeschool curriculum offers four great ways to get inspired. Does your curriculum meet the Oak Meadow standard?

1) Creative, hands-on assignments. Students learn best by doing, so Oak Meadow has included plenty of projects that encourage exploration of the material. Whether writing in Aztec glyphs, making a Jell-O cell model, building a sound scope, composing a national anthem, or drawing a comic strip showing the phases of a tornado, students actively work with the concepts in each lesson. Studying is more meaningful, relevant, and inspiring!
2) Lessons integrated across subject areas. Seeing relationships between subjects develops a strong mind and a deeper, more complex understanding of the world. Oak Meadow’s curriculum emphasizes these connections. For example, first grade students gain an understanding of history and time by creating a calendar which is also used to track weather patterns and animal cycles; sixth grade students study geography and map-making while learning about ancient civilizations; and, high school students explore the art of haiku while studying East Asia in our World Geography course.

3) Flexible weekly (vs. daily) lesson plans. Oak Meadow ‘s uniquely flexible curriculum allows plenty of room for exploration! Whether you prefer a traditional school schedule (studying each subject daily) or a block-style for uninterrupted focus (English on Monday, Social Studies on Tuesday, and so on), you’ll find that Oak Meadow accommodates to different teaching styles, different learning styles, and the pursuit of outside interests such as music, art, and sports.
4) A choice of assignments. Being able to choose from a wide range of assignments inspires students to take charge of their education and demonstrate knowledge in a way that complements and supports their learning style. For example, a sixth grade lesson on the Middle Ages includes this choice of assignments: listen to plainsong or chant; research illuminated manuscripts and create one with colored pencils and parchment; find pictures of Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals and compare their architecture; make a stained glass design with tissue paper; write a short story about Viking life; create a model of a Viking longboat; and read Norse myths.
It makes sense that Oak Meadow’s award-winning curriculum sets an industry standard for inspiration. For over 35 years, this company has been steeped in a culture of innovation, a creative spirit that comes through the moment you call the Oak Meadow offices. Educational Counselors are on hand to support, encourage, and empower parents to creatively adapt lessons to bring out the best in each student. Oak Meadow’s expert teachers frequently provide enrolled students with ideas for supplemental learning as well as contribute articles to Oak Meadow’s educational journal, Living Education, for the benefit of all homeschooling families. When you open a box of Oak Meadow curriculum, you truly open yourself to the freedom to learn in new — and inspiring — ways.