Be True to Yourself with Oak Meadow

November 10, 2014

Be True to Yourself with
Oak Meadow

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Yearning for the educational freedom and flexibility to explore your interests, talents, and passions? Dissatisfied with your current educational path? Oak Meadow’s progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum for kindergarten to grade 12 will help you find your way.

Our student-centered, nature-based approach allows families to set their own natural rhythm of learning and encourages creativity, critical thinking, and intellectual development through hands-on activities and interdisciplinary projects.

High school students will find exceptional course selection and options such as dual enrollment, Advanced Placement and technology courses through Johns Hopkins CTYOnline, music courses through Berklee College of Music, and life experience credit.

Visit, then call 802-251-7250 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable educational counselors to learn more.

Be true to yourself and discover your own inspired path to learning with Oak Meadow.