Oaks Christian Online School – focused on helping YOUR students achieve their college dreams!

Oaks Christian Online School – focused on helping YOUR students achieve their college dreams!
July 17, 2014
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The school year is just about ready to start – students will be up and running in all their college prep, honors, and AP classes! Even thought it’s just time to start school, it’s always the right time for high school students to begin thinking about college…

Are your kids attending an online high school that will truly help them (and you) with the college selection and application process?

Oaks Christian Online School (OCO) is focused on helping students work towards and achieve their college dreams!

It is the goal of the Oaks Christian Online College Counseling program to help students find the colleges and universities that best suit their individual needs.  This is a process that requires getting to know the individual students, understanding their personal goals and objectives, assessing their academic achievement and potential for growth, and understanding the priorities of the family.  Oaks Christian Online School takes the time to do all of this. In fact, OCO’s staff of experienced College Counselors walks each online student through the college search and application process beginning in 9th grade and finishing with a decision in the spring of the 12th grade. The directed focus of study is as follows:


  • Setting up for success (9th)
  • Understanding myself (10th)
  • Investigating my options (11th)
  • Taking charge of the process and finishing well (12th)

The objective of the OCO College Counseling program is to demystify the potentially intimidating college search and application process. College counselors teach online students where they have an opportunity and responsibility to control the process and they train the students to effectively exert that control.  At the same time, OCO college counselors understand that this transition is a family decision, and they invite parents to work alongside and with the school to prepare online students to make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Oaks Christian Online School provides the following –

  • College Counseling Classes

    Students have the opportunity to take a college counseling course each year of their high school experience. These comprehensive courses are designed to be appropriate for each grade level as it pertains to the college admissions process.

  • College Visits and Tours

    9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to visit college campuses either on a one day visit to area colleges (held quarterly) or on an extended tour (2-7 days) of colleges in a variety of regions of the country.  Also, college representatives visit with the college counseling classes virtually every month, allowing students all over the country and around the world to hear personally from hundreds of colleges.
  • “Let’s Talk College for Parents”

    This program has been developed for the parents of OCO students and provides information about all aspects of the college admissions process. The live sessions take place monthly with a recorded session made available to all parents.

  • “College Knowledge Night”

    This program has been developed for 11th grade students and their parents and is an evening of workshops taught by admissions professionals on a variety of topics pertinent to the college search and application process.

  • College Fairs

    Students are informed and encouraged to attend a variety of national college fairs held in their local areas.  National fairs are sponsored by NACAC and NACCAP with local fairs on the Oaks Christian main campus sponsored by RACC (Regional Admissions Counselors of CA).
  • Explore, Plan, Mock ACT and PSAT Testing

    In order to help students determine which of the college entrance exams best suits their personal strengths, OCO provides multiple opportunities for each student to take “practice” exams in the 9th, 10th and 11th grades.  This allows students to focus and prepare for the test format on which they will likely be the most successful.  A counselor works with students to find applicable testing sites in their local area.

  • Case Studies

    This program for 11th grade students and parents gives insight into the nuances of the college admissions process.

  • Virtual College Visits

    15-20 “virtual” college visits are offered to the Oaks Christian Online students. These visits are conducted by admissions professionals from colleges and universities from all over the country.

  • Senior Year Programs

    Understanding the unique needs of 12th grade students, OCO offers specialty programming to meet the needs of seniors and their parents. Three programs: “The Stress of The Senior Year,” “Avoiding Senioritis” and “Letting Go.” OCO also offers workshops on completing the Common Application as well as the applications for UC, and CSU.

If you have a high achieving college prep high school student who is beginning to think about the college application process, Oaks Christian Online School wants to help prepare him or her, and “demystify the process.”