Oaks Christian Online School

Oaks Christian Online School

April 30, 2012
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At this time of year parents are beginning to think about summer school and fall enrollment for their children. Oaks Christian Online School is offering over 60 college preparatory classes, honors, and AP summer school classes and has begun accepting applications and enrolling full-time students for Fall 2012. Oaks Christian Online School stands apart from other schools in that:

  • They’re Christ-Centered in everything they do, say and teach.
  • They teach and lead from Biblical truth, equipping students accordingly.  
  • All of their courses have been reviewed for Biblical integration opportunities.
  • All of their courses are taught by Christian teachers.
  • They embrace every OCO student with the welcoming love of Jesus Christ, inviting and encouraging all students towards spiritual growth through dynamically integrated programs, activities and curriculum. 
  • Prayer is incorporated into the life of the school.

In addition, Oaks Christian Online School emphasizes:

  • Excellence & Achievement — they believe that excellence honors God and inspires people, thus they prepare students to achieve at their highest potential.   
  • Character & Citizenship — they believe honorable character & citizenship are the responsibilities of OCO students and a lofty aspiration for their futures.
  • Future Leadership — they prepare OCO students to be equipped with the mental, physical, social and spiritual competencies necessary to become humble stewards of their God-given gifts and talents.  
  • College Preparatory — they require thorough preparation and consistent execution in all schoolwork and OCO activities and assignments.
  • A Nurturing Environment — in the midst of significant challenge and high standards, every student experiences the love of God and the importance of being one of His children.
  • A Mind for Leadership and a Heart for Service — their spiritual life program is an important element of the Oaks Online experience, addressing the whole student–not simply the mind, but the heart as well.  While completing 20 hours of community service per year, students are guided through a socially-interactive course that focuses on their Bible curriculum for that year, chapels and more. 
  • Lifelong Learning — comprehensive knowledge and critical thought will become hallmarks of the well-read and confident alumni of OCOS, who develop knowledge, wisdom, and conversational intelligence that go well beyond high test scores and grade point averages.  


“The single best thing about taking my classes online is that I get to plan my own schedule and work at my own pace,”  -Jessica, Missionary student in Uganda

“The best part of my online school experience is the flexibility. I am allowed to have with my schedule, enabling time for many extra-curricular activities such as music and photography,” -Tim, Westlake Village, CA

“The best part of my online experience is having Christian, competent teachers and the ability to socialize with other students,” -Summer, McKinney, TX

Consider the difference that an Oaks Christian Online education can make in your child’s life. Inquire today.