Stories of AMAZING Homeschool Students

Oaks Christian School, founded in 2000, provides an education of
unsurpassed quality to over 1,400 students in grades 6 through 12.
Graduates attend many of the most selective universities and
colleges in the country.
March 12, 2013
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Oaks Christian Online High School, high school students study college preparatory courses at home, at their own pace, and with a flexible schedule. Students work one-on-one with engaging, committed Christian teachers, and enjoy a wide selection of college preparatory, honors, and AP courses, as well as four years of college counseling and spiritual life activities. Students earn an Oaks Christian Online high school diploma and receive a transcript that reflects the excellent reputation of Oaks Christian Online High School.

Oaks Christian Online High School is an exceptional online school, and not surprisingly, they have some amazing students. Learn about just a few of them below – and imagine your child at Oaks Christian Online School!

Helen K. is living with her parents near Paris while completing her spring semester at
Oaks Christian Online High School. Along with three honors courses, Helen is taking Advanced Placement (AP) Art History, AP World History and AP English Language and will be completing her exams at the American School of Paris in May. She recently received a perfect 2400 score on her SAT and she hopes to make use of her busy but flexible study schedule to participate in the culture and take advantage of her once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Marc H., a Junior at
Oaks Christian Online High School, is part of the first class of students to take Mandarin Chinese. Online. Marc has already taken four years of Spanish and two years of Mandarin. He believes strong foreign language skills will further his future career goals. Marc is also an avid golfer and athlete committed to making a difference in the lives of others. He was part of the high school group that founded Playing for a Difference, a service group for athletes that work with disabled students.

Jessica G. (presently attending
Oaks Christian Online High School) is completing the second half of her junior year in Kampala, Uganda where she is helping medical mission teams. While her father is working with the Uganda High Court on juvenile justice projects, Jessica, her mother, and her two siblings (who will enroll in OCS in the fall) are volunteering with Africa Renewal Ministries.

Oaks Christian Online High School student and actor, Colin F., recently starred in We Bought a Zoo with Matt Damon. Colin comments that, “I really enjoy the Oaks Christian Online School situation. It gives me great flexibility to be able to pursue my acting career while still getting all my work done. I can access my schoolwork any time and it’s been great. I usually finish all my work during the day which frees me up on evenings and weekends. I’m disciplined, I get up early each morning, and am committed to my schoolwork.”

Oaks Christian Online High School freshman, Jonathan E., is a shy and creative student whose family is anything but quiet. Jonathan’s parents, Sam and Russell Evans, founded the Planetshakers Christian Conferences in Australia. These conferences started in Adelaide with 300 delegates in 1997 and have grown to over 30,000 participants. Jonathan loves to travel the world with his family, but he hasn’t always found a good fit for schooling with his local high school. His mom said, “We went on a journey and prayed about the best school choice. We just felt that a Christ-centered education was so important.” They took their search online and enrolled in the college-preparatory program with Oaks Christian Online School.


Whether your child has the opportunity to travel the world or is busy pursuing his dreams right from his home town, Oaks Christian Online School might be the perfect fit.

  • Oaks Christian Online School is Christ-Centered in everything they do, say and teach.
  • They teach and lead from Biblical truth, equipping students accordingly.
  • All of their courses have been reviewed for Biblical integration opportunities.
  • All of their courses are taught by Christian teachers.
  • They embrace every OCO student with the welcoming love of Jesus Christ, inviting and encouraging all students towards spiritual growth through dynamically integrated programs, activities and curriculum.
  • Prayer is incorporated into the life of the school.

At this time of year parents are beginning to think about summer school and fall enrollment for their children. Oaks Christian Online School is accepting applications now and is currently enrolling students for Summer and Fall 2013. Apply now.