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Top STEAM resources for your Homeschool!

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate more ART into lessons about core subjects like science and math. Add “A” to STEM, and you get STEAM! Educents offers great ideas for you to get started with STEAM.

Advice from The best ways to avoid homeschool burnout

As I mentioned in my first advice newsletter, I homeschooled all the way from preschool to college, made plenty of mistakes, and learned a lot along the way. One of the most important things I learned, and probably the best piece of advice I have for you is…Less teaching – More cheerleading

Advice from

Thank you for being a member of the community. We have some great advice, ideas and resources to help you start the school year off with fun and purpose.

Top Back to Homeschool Resource Awards

During the last two weeks, readers have voted for their Top Back to Homeschool Resources. These include products, curriculum, and websites. Please take a moment to review the winning companies—as they’ve been named the best of the best!

5 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Success

The Critical Thinking Co. has guaranteed higher grades & top test scores for more than 50 years! Simply put—their products work. Their award-winning homeschool curriculum, riddles, puzzles, games, software, and apps develop thinking skills and improve standards-based learning.

Earn College Credit

A CLEP* exam is the easiest and most affordable way to earn college credits—and REA’s extensive library of CLEP* test preps can help students succeed! Accepted by more than 2,900 colleges and universities, each passed exam earns from 3-12 credits, saving hundreds of hours of classroom time and thousands of dollars in college tuition. Millions of students have used this program to achieve their educational and career goals.

Top Homeschooling Curriculum Awards & Products for 2013! readers have voted and the following companies have been voted as Top Homeschooling Curriculum for 2013—and right in time for the back to (home) school season! Please take a moment to review the companies listed alphabetically below—after all, they’ve been named the best of the best! We’re sure you’ll see many you’d like to incorporate into your homeschooling efforts this year. There’s something for everyone—music, art, history, math, tutoring, life skills, and much, much, more.

Pack Your Bags

Join us at where we will explore, with a bent towards the educational aspects of family travel. Several times per week we give you tips and tricks for successful travel. Read articles about stretching your dollar by traveling in off-season. Learn about unique holidays, and how to celebrate them with travel. Investigate educational offerings in YOUR city and cities near you. 

Learning Styles Quiz

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran (I won’t say “old-timer”), taking a learning styles quiz will help you understand and build a curriculum around your children’s learning styles. As we all know, homeschooling is not just a method of education, it’s a lifestyle. We want our children to become lifetime learners not only because it’s a wonderfully natural way to be, but because they will need this if they are to keep up in this fast-changing world. The best way to become a lifetime learner is to develop a passion for learning. The best way to develop that passion is to make learning fun, relevant and fascinating.