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JULY 24, 2008
All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum

Bob Jones University Press A Total Homeschool Solution   Special offer from BJU Press Visit BJU Press to view copies of the Homeschool Helper newsletter…

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MARCH 23, 2008
Top 100 Educational Web Sites

The Best Homeschool Education Websites on the Internet! We love creating our Top 100 lists at It's a great way to see what's new and exciting in the world of homeschooling!…

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MARCH 1, 2007
Financial Help for Homeschooling Support Groups

Financial Help for Homeschooling Support Groups Note: ED Anywhere is an alternative education program for middle and high school students specializing in: remediation skill building, …

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MAY 5, 2005
College Admissions for Homeschoolers

College Admissions for Homeschoolers The college admissions process is a stressful one but the good news for homeschooling students (and their parents) is that the procedure has recently…

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MARCH 22, 2005
How to Be a Spelling Bee Champion

How to Be a Spelling Bee Champion P-H-E-N-O-M-E-N-O-N Pronunciation: fĭ-nŏm'ә- nŏn' Definition: An unusual, significant, or unaccountable fact or occurrence; a marvel. Origin: Late…

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JANUARY 25, 2005
Homeschoolers Today’s Colleges Want You

Homeschoolers, Today's Colleges Want You! Our Sponsors: Mary Baldwin College University of Pennsylvania Vermont College: Union Institute and University …

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