Share Your Memories from Generation to Generation


Family photos jumbled in a shoebox, scrapbooking items purchased but never used, picture albums sitting in a closet…

September 28, 2009

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You want so much to put your family’s memories…..stories….the essence of who you are and where you came from all together in one place for your children to see….to share…. and to learn from.

Perhaps you’ve already thought about doing this…about maybe organizing everything while your children are at soccer practice or ballet lessons, or even late in the evening after the kids have gone to sleep. If you’ve already thought about it, did the project seem a bit overwhelming?

So many decisions to make! Scrapbooking sites, picture sharing sites, scanners, computer programs…..option after option….and of course…..those overflowing boxes of pictures and mementos. Before you get started…..before you make any decisions, investigate the family sharing opportunities at PhamCentral.

What is PhamCentral? Well, this unique name is actually derived from two words: 1) photo- which is an important medium for preserving memories, sharing and bonding; and 2) family – which represents relationships at their best. In the context of this web site, Pham may be your parents, siblings, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. Or it may also be another close knit group that you belong to, like girl/boy scouts, a sports team, church group, civic group or social group. Ultimately, your “Pham” are the people and relationships you value the most.

After looking at this site, perhaps you’ll think of a project like this in a whole new exciting light. After all, you don’t have to do it alone! You shouldn’t do it alone! Just think, if you could get your children involved in this project, it would be such a meaningful learning experience for them. Of course, you probably can’t approach your kids with something like, “Hey, Mommy wants you to help her go through old photos and learn about your family history.” You’re going to have to come up with something a little more clever.

How about making it a part of your homeschooling? Start with a unit study on family history, and then progress to one on photography, writing, storytelling, etc. It will be an opportunity for your children to work on the computer, upload images, and be creative with graphics. They’ll have an opportunity to:

  • Organize photos by date. When did that occur?

  • Create a multi-media, multi-generational timeline of their family history. What was Grandma’s maiden name again?

  • Maybe print and create photo gifts for their family. How meaningful!

  • Journal details of events taking place in photos so as to remember details with accuracy. Accuracy is good!

  • Preserve recorded audio messages of loved ones. How cool!

  • Set reminders for important upcoming family events. Maybe your kids will actually learn your birthday!

  • Maintain documents like report cards, certificates of achievement, artwork and drawings. The kids will love seeing their artwork online!

  • Help to keep extended family and friends up to date on your family’s activities.

  • And much much more.

What you’ll realize during a project like this, is that when parents take the time to preserve the details of their children’s life experiences with photos, scrapbooks, videos etc.., it is a powerful way of communicating the significance of their children’s lives. It tells the children that they are valued and instills in them a strong sense of security and belonging. This is the heart and soul of what PhamCentral is all about. Celebrate both the big achievements and the little ones and share them over a secure private platform with people who are most important to you, in your house and around the world.

Help your kids remember those stories from their grandparents, and tell them about stories you remember as a child. When memories are shared, we laugh, we cry and we gain new perspectives over time about how our life experiences and decisions have influenced and shaped who we are. This is particularly true in a family when stories and history are shared between different generations. PhamCentral is a bridge between generations and a tool to facilitate a wonderful sense of belonging and family pride.

After all of your unit studies are done, and our family website is complete, you will share it with all of our closest family and friends. Your children will be so proud of all they’ve learned and you will be so glad that you were able to share both a bonding and educational experience with them. After all, isn’t that what homeschooling is all about?

If you are interested in learning more about PhamCentral, or trying it for yourself, you can sign up on their website. It’s free. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Click SIGN UP NOW to create your username and password

  2. Log into your personal website to add photos and activities

  3. Invite family and friends to visit your site

  4. Start making memories that will live a lifetime.


Sharing memories from generation to generation