Celebrating the Ordinary and the Extraordinary


Celebrating the Ordinary and the Extraordinary


November 9, 2009

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PhamCentral is a family oriented website geared towards sharing memories and keeping family and friends connected. PhamCentral encourages families to–

  • Create – intentionally create and recreate positive life experiences and preserve them in a meaningful way.
  • Relate – leverage simple technology to strengthen meaningful relationships and bridge geographical divides.
  • Pass it on – begin or continue a strong heritage of values and traditions from generation to generation.
  • One of the ways families can achieve the above, is through the use of the very unique PhamCentral calendar. Following are several examples of how one family, the Millers, maximized their PhamCentral calendar experience:


    • The Millers threw a birthday party for their oldest daughter (she just turned 14). Mom noted her daughter’s birthday and her party on their PhamCentral family calendar and uploaded the invitation as well as the party plans, menu, guest list, etc. When it came time for the party, Dad took a multitude of pictures. He uploaded those the next day. Most importantly though, her father and mother both left a voice message telling her how proud they are of the young woman she has become. She will always have this as a record of her birthday. She’ll always remember who came, how much fun they had, and she will know how much her mother and father love her.
    • The family’s youngest daughter played in her first piano recital. Of course, the family marked it on their
    • PhamCentral calendar. At the end of the evening, they came home and uploaded pictures of the recital (she looked so pretty in her yellow dress) as well as an audio recording of her near perfect performance. Her Uncle Dale, an accomplished musician in his own right, wrote her a long e-mail, telling her how proud he was of her and how well she had done. Uncle Dale lives 400 miles away and couldn’t attend, but was able to share in the recital due to the family’s uploads.
    • Last week, for no apparent reason, Dad took pictures of the kids eating breakfast at the kitchen table. He uploaded it to the appropriate calendar date—and the grandparents loved it! They live 700 miles away—so they don’t get the chance to see their grandchildren eat breakfast very often!

    By using the website, www.phamcentral.com, families all over the world can celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary events in their children’s lives. Just imagine how much your parents will enjoy receiving e-mails from PhamCentral stating that something new has been added to your site!

    Family members truly appreciate these notices, as well as the privacy options the site offers. With every entry/upload that is made, the family can determine who is allowed access. Some things can be shared with the immediate family only; others with extended family; and still others, with both family members and with friends. It’s a great way to share with everyone!


    If you’re interested in learning more about PhamCentral, you can sign up on their website. It’s free. Here’s how to get started–

    1. Click SIGN UP NOW to create your username and password
    2. Log into your personal website to add photos and activities
    3. Invite family and friends to visit your site
    4. Start making memories that will live a lifetime.




    Sharing the Ordinary and the Extraordinary!!!