Calendars reflect how we spend our time. Time is how we spend our life.



December 29, 2009

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A number of top New Year’s resolutions include 1) get organized, 2) manage time better, 3) keep in better touch with family, 4) keep a journal., etc. PhamCentral can help you achieve ALL of these goals with the use of the 2010 (and beyond), PhamCentral multimedia calendar!

The PhamCentral calendar is an ideal tool for keeping track of noteworthy occasions, organizing your personal and family life, and maintaining contact with family and friends, as the calendar:


  • Provides an economical (it’s FREE) and fun way to note dates and preserve the memories associated with these dates by uploading photos, personal stories, and more.
  • Allows you to share these memories, plan upcoming events and celebrate special occasions with those in your household and around the world.
  • Notifies everyone with permission to view your calendar when a photo has been added. You don’t have to e-mail everyone—PhamCentral does it for you!
  • Is a great and timely way to keep close family, distant relatives and friends up to date with life events.
  • Keeps family traditions and values alive by staying connected with past, present and future generations.
  • Is green, no paper and it is perpetual.
  • Let’s you go back to 1900 to record family history, highlight family birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant memories.


With the PhamCentral calendar, you have a familiar, easy to use way to mark and capture the special moments from each day of your life and the lives of those most important to you.  You can preserve and share your memories and photos in a personal electronic calendar that organizes the memories of your life chronologically in the form of a life story.  The memories and photos you collect can be enhanced with personal audio messages and music. You can also add journal entries and create narratives about your life events so you can always remember the specific details about the special moments of each day of your life.


And it’s so convenient and timely–you can view the calendar from your i-phone or PDA—it meets all of your organizational/record keeping needs.

Check it out. Better yet, join for free because:


Calendars reflect how we spend our time. Time is how we spend our life.