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Resurrection Resources,, understands that times are tough and that home school families often have only one income and many students. That’s why their textbooks and workbooks come with many added features. Other publishers may charge you a separate price for daily lesson plans, quizzes, tests, answers, maps, lab kits, and manipulatives but that is not the case with Resurrection Resources. All home school courses from Resurrection Resources contain many of the following features in either a consumable textbook or textbook/workbook combination:
June 22, 2009

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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Daily Lesson Plan
  3. Introduction
  4. Teacher and/or Student Instructions
  5. Subject Text
  6. Practice Exercises, Worksheets, Homework Assignment Checklists, or Experiments
  7. Index
  8. Answers
  9. Quizzes and/or Tests
  10. Editing and/or Grading Charts
  11. Manipulatives, Flash Cards, and/or other Support Pages


EDUCATION STANDARDS – All textbooks and workbooks are prepared to meet these standards:

  • State and federal requirements
  • Multiple skill sets in each subject
  • Continuity from one grade level to the next
  • Adherence to biblical ethics, values, and truth

These dynamically prepared textbooks/workbooks are in touch with today’s standards and different student learning styles–that’s because they offer two types of educational materials that you can mix and match to insure that each of your students are keeping pace with his/her learning abilities.

The GRADESMART books give parents the assurance that they have exactly the right textbook/workbook for the grade level that their student has reached.

The PACESETTER books give parents the flexibility to introduce a subject that meets the unique educational pace of their students.

Educational materials from Resurrection Resources are written by experienced, college educated home school parents specifically for home schooled students.

Subjects offered at include Art, Bible, English, History, Home Economics, Lab, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.

Of particular interest are the year long writing courses—one dedicated to Book Reports, two dedicated to the writing of Essays and Research Reports and another that teaches Creative Writing.



The Book Reports course is a one year course perfect for the student who likes to read. Is he/she ready to start learning how to write a composition? Whether your student likes to read or not, this consumable textbook is a must. Learning the pattern for a book report is a precursor to learning how to write essays and research reports. This course is so fun and easy-to-use that your student will slip into writing with ease! Moreover, with the preprinted forms for collecting data and writing the final book report, your student will be organized, and you will have a keepsake record of the writing successes your student will achieve with this course.


The Essays and Research Reports Courses feature a natural way to learn writing. Your student will master beginning to advanced essays and research reports with truly wonderful results! These hands-on, consumable textbooks are a wonderful teaching tool for any student who has never written an essay or research report before as well as students who have never learned the correct format for these types of compositions. Each textbook’s carefully guided sequence of teaching is a natural method of learning that takes the headache out of writing and breaks it down into unique and manageable units. By the completion of both one year courses, your student will have progressed from writing beginning compositions to advanced compositions. Your student will also have acquired SAT/ACT essay writing skills.

“This book is awesome!! It clearly lays out how to write with no stress!! The questions and topics are fun and interesting, and the whole thing takes such very little time out of your day, it is easy to incorporate into any daily schedule. This is an excellent product and I really, really love it!!!! It is so easy to use, but you get such wonderful results!!”

(Holly Cameron, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine)


The Creative Writing Course teaches your student not only how to write better sentences and paragraphs with more descriptive words, but also how to write a complete story with character dialog and descriptions of scenery. This great course will improve the quality of any type of writing!

Sample Pages

Course Review, South Carolina Home Educators Association (SCHEA)
On top of all this, they also have a full line of English Workbooks and Textbooks– grade levels 5 – 9. Imagine…an English course that has an effective plan and purpose!
Observe…the mastery of writing essays and reports! Watch…grammar and editing skills improve! Rejoice…in the sharpening of written communication skills! You can view all they have to offer by going to:

Also of interest are the science classes for grades 7 & 8.




Earth and the Universe: Enter the world of atoms and molecules! Enjoy the exploration of space!! Explore volcanoes and learn about what makes the earth quake! Unlock the mysteries of the weather and more! This fun and interesting course brings science into the realm of your student’s everyday experience. Each chapter will develop your student’s understanding and enjoyment of the world and universe around him/her.

This course is also chock-full of scriptures, pictures, tables, and illustrations to aid in your student’s learning experience.


Grade 7:



Foundations of Science: Experiment like a professional! Explore the atom and the phenomena of atomic bonding! Solve the mysteries of chemical equations! Learn about the amazing abilities of lasers and gravity! Delve into the different energy states and levels in the world around us!

Scientific study and knowledge can be fascinating not only to the pure science student, but to the student of the humanities/arts as well! This course, which is full of scriptures, pictures, tables, and illustrations, prepares all students for the exciting world of science in which we live.

All science concepts have been simplified and are presented in a careful step-by-step approach to help your student master them before advancing. Using a fluid and creative style, the textbook is interesting reading, carefully written to emphasize God’s hand and wisdom in all details of the universe. Through using this course, your student will come to a deeper understanding of who God is and why science must bow to His majesty. Your student will learn to search through Him for all of his/her discoveries as He alone is the master brain behind all that was created and set in motion to function as He ordained and continues to ordain. Book has color and B&W pictures. This course is also the perfect teacher for the independent learner. No evolution is taught.

Grade 8:


They even have exciting lab kits that are an enjoyable learning experience. You may use these experiment kits as individual unit studies from which to teach and learn, or you may pair them with another science curriculum that you are using. The kits work well in any situation as a laboratory learning experience for the exploration and discovery part of science. To learn more, visit,




Getting started in teaching your student math, for the first time, can seem overwhelming for some or a great adventure for others. Whatever your perspective, this consumable textbook has all that you need to get your student off to a great start! Your student will consume this textbook with pleasure as the many pictures and activities delight the learning process and ease mastery. The textbook includes a daily lesson plan as well as teacher’s instructions with daily manipulative and flash card exercises. Flash cards and manipulatives are included. For more information, please visit,


There is even a Money Manipulatives packet for 2-6 grades on the American monetary system. For more information, you can visit,



The Signers of the Declaration of Independence – Great events in history are often accompanied by great documents! Other than a few facts about notable contributors to these great documents, How much do we really know about all of the contributors? In this book, Gene Collins has prepared for you a glimpse into the lives, convictions, and beliefs of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.




The Signers of the United States Constitution – How did the United States Constitution come to contain the most copied form of government in the world and a document that daily shapes our lives? The story of this miracle of man’s genius is one that will inspire you to honor the fifty-five men who would meet one auspicious, rainy May in 1787.

To learn more, please visit:




Say goodbye to daily stress and confusion! This planner is designed to make your home school run smoothly. You can keep, record, and organize all of the schedules, information, prayers, and results you will be working on with your student(s). We have filled this planner full of helpful instructions, charts, journal space, record-keeping logs, calendars, and report cards. We also include truly touching and encouraging devotionals, written by experienced home school moms.


If you would like to see the curriculum specific to your child’s grade, K-6th , please go to K-6.htm and for 7-12th the information can be found at 7-12.htm.

In addition to K-12th grade classes, Resurrection Resources Academy offers tutorial services in academic subjects for home school students. You can check out their tutorial services by going to (Resurrection Resources) offers complete curriculum and text written by qualified homeschooling parents with homeschooling students in mind… and with a Christian world view. For more information, please visit our home page at