Enhance Your Science Curricula with Robotics

 June 30, 2016

Enhance Your Science Curricula with Robotics

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Power Science Curricula with Robotics | The Silicon Valley way to study science

Build a robot AND learn to code
Enhance Your Science Curricula by Robotics

At ROBOTERRA, we believe that robotics is the key to engineer the future. By putting high-quality robotics hardware and software in the hands of young makers, STEM will soar to uncharted heights.
ROBOTERRA Origin Kit is a robotics kit for young makers age 10 and above to build their own robots and learn how to code. It contains a collection of robotics building blocks as well as the innovative CastleRock Online Learning Platform. It empowers young makers around the world to build and program their own robot with an up-to-date online robotics curriculum.

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Welcome-bot robot by an 11-year-old student
Learn more about CastleRock Online Learning Platform at http://www.roboterra.com/castlerock
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