Top five reasons they’re ready

December 13, 2012
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Learning a new language benefits students now and in the future. Language skills add to a well-rounded education, help students understand other cultures, prepare them for college and travel, and can even increase their future earning potential.

Here are the top five reasons students are ready to learn a new language:

1. Research shows early language learning works.

It’s not enough to learn about a language from the sidelines. Parents want students to gain the confidence to use it in speaking, writing, reading, and listening activities. Research studies have shown that children achieve positive results even when they begin learning a language early in their schooling. To review interesting research  on early language, click on this link and Download the Scientific American Mind article – The Bilingual Advantage.

2. Students have a natural ability to learn language.

As young children, your students learned to speak instinctively by experiencing the world around them. They were surrounded by words, images, and the voices of native speakers. The Rosetta Stone® Homeschool curriculum recreates this experience through a fully immersive environment on any computer. Rosetta Stone® Homeschool has eliminated the traditional approach of using translation from their curriculum, empowering students to think in their new language. There are no flash cards, dictionaries, or memorization drills. Learn more about the Rosetta Stone® Homeschool method.

3. Language skills add to potential for success..

Students are preparing to enter a world more connected than ever. This requires that today’s students – the emerging workforce – be adept in many skills. Key among these skills is the ability to speak a second language to boost college and career success. It’s important that the language learning path your children follow has a proven track record. Rosetta Stone® Homeschool is recognized as the #1 foreign language software curriculum among homeschoolers.

4. Parents can track progress without knowing the language.

Even when students are ready, parents sometimes feel they themselves are not, especially when adding a foreign language curriculum for a language they do not know. Every Rosetta Stone® Homeschool program includes Parent Administrative Tools that let parents track their students’ progress and access specific information about their students’ performance such as completed exercises and time spent learning. These tools allow parents to choose a lesson plan that best suits their children’s needs and even print out graded reports – so the parents are ready, too.

5. Self-paced language learning builds student confidence.

Step-by-step, learners gain the confidence to speak on their own and develop their intuitive ability to create sentences from scratch in a conversational setting. The Rosetta Stone® Homeschool proprietary speech-recognition technology helps learners pronounce syllables, words, and sentences in their new language, and provides immediate, ongoing feedback.

Rosetta Stone® Homeschool features a foreign language curriculum specially designed to provide homeschool students with a rich, fully interactive and engaging language-learning experience.

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