Introducing the Adventures of Rush Revere

 April 14, 2015

Introducing the Adventures of Rush Revere

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Homeschool Special Issue
Dear Homeschool Families,

We realize the sacrifices you make in your decision to homeschool and thank you for your devotion to education and commitment to your children’s bright futures. We would like to introduce you to a book series that helps teach American history in a fun and exciting way — the Adventures of Rush Revere Series.

The Adventures of Rush Revere Series Makes History Fun!
Teachers, parents, and children across the United States have come to know Rush Revere, a substitute teacher who travels back in time with his trusty sidekick Liberty, the talking horse. They jump through a time portal with students from Manchester Middle School and land at key points in American history, such as the deck of the Mayflower during the Pilgrims’ voyage to the New World.

Instead of just memorizing facts, young readers engage in history and become a part of the story. They can imagine themselves in the middle of the action, like throwing crates of tea at the Boston Tea Party. The Adventures of Rush Revere books are patriotic, accurate, inspirational and positive high-quality reads. The pages look like a vintage time-travel notebook, including beautiful illustrations and historic photos. They can be used as a textbook for American history classes.



Weeks on Top of the New York Times Bestseller List
All three books in the series have topped the New York Times Bestseller list. They are available in popular retail stores such as Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million, or online via Amazon.

So Much Fun and Learning on our Website —
Our website,, contains lesson plans, activities, and quizzes to help the young reader expand on the knowledge gained in the books. Soon, we will update the section of the website called Destination Education to include comprehensive study guides for parents and teachers. New photos and fun can also be found at our Facebook page:

We want to hear from you! We would love to hear further from you on why you homeschool, if you use the Adventures of Rush Revere Series currently, or anything else you would like to share. Please email [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the books!


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