Why Does it Get Cold in Winter and Hot in Summer?

 February 18, 2016

Why Does it Get Cold in Winter
and Hot in Summer?

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It’s officially winter and many places have already been hit with inches upon inches of snow as well as freezing temperatures.

Before your kids bundle up and head out to play in the snow, why not talk about weather cycles as well as why and how these changes take place?

The Science4Us Weather module can give your homeschooler the opportunity to explore the different kinds of weather on Earth by teaching them about:

  • Weather patterns and how to prepare for changes
  • Tools used to observe, measure and record weather
  • Essential vocabulary like forecast, meteorologist, precipitation and more

When your child is able to connect what they learn in Science4Us to the world around them, they’ll be able to retain more information and see things in a whole new light.

– The Science4Us Team

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