Want to Customize Your Child’s Science Education?

 April 07, 2016

Want to Customize Your Child’s
Science Education?

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Each homeschooler has their own reason for taking their child’s education into their own hands. One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling is being able to give your child undivided, individualized attention. This speeds up the learning process and allows parents to focus on whatever it is their children need the most help with to create that unique experience.

Science4Us helps parents achieve this by allowing you to personalize your child’s science experience by way of the assignments feature.

  • If your children have shown an aptitude and interest in a certain concept like Force and Motion, you can assign them activities dealing with levers, pulleys and inclined planes from the Simple Machines module.
  • If your child hasn’t previously shown interest in the Solar System, by creating assignments in our Exploring the Universe module, you have the ability to develop a fun and interactive lesson that caters to their unique learning style.

Adding assignments is simple. Parents can select the entire module or pick and choose specific activities within a module and even select a start and end date.

Science4Us allows you to take an active role in your child’s education by also providing lesson plans with discussion questions and accommodations, automated student reports that can be used for homeschool portfolios, and a number of teaching tools.

Sign up today and enhance your child’s science experience with a more customized, interactive approach!

– The Science4Us Team

P.S. Now Science4Us also includes over 250 offline activities and content, as well as ideas for hands-on activities for students in grades 3-5.

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