How do you Explain Energy to Young Students?

 August 23, 2016

How do you Explain Energy
to Young Students?

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Hi Homeschooler,

For younger students, it can be difficult to teach certain science concepts that they can’t actually visualize. Take Energy, for example. Although this may seem like a pretty advanced concept for early elementary students, Science4Us helps bring this and many other topics and ideas to life with interactive lessons and fun activities that will help get the point across.

If you’re a homeschooler wondering how you will ever teach such a seemingly complicated topic, worry no more. Science4Us has you covered.

More to energy than meets the eye
Energy is more than just what causes your children to run around tirelessly. In the Energy Sources module, students will learn about the energy that they use everyday from the sun, food, and electricity. They’ll discover how eating food powers their bodies by giving them the energy they need to ride their bike, play at the park, and climb a tree.

Science4Us allows little scientists to dive deeper by providing lessons about specific types of energy like Light, Heat and Sound Energy. Students will also learn about Electrical Energy, where this energy is generated, how it travels through power lines and into their homes, and how it flows through Energy Transformations.

See for yourself
These concepts may sound like a lot for a 6-year old to take in, but through engaging, interactive activities, your child will be able to understand these ideas and then make connections to the world around them.

Explore what Science4Us has to offer with our free demos. Watch them with your children and see for yourself how much fun they’ll have while they learn.

– The Science4Us Team

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