Empower Your Kids to Learn Independently

 September 20, 2016

Empower Your Kids to Learn Independently

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Are you looking for a literacy supplement that gives your children tools to take the lead in their own learning? VocabularySpellingCity was created to support homeschool families like yours.

Kids can study and practice their vocabulary and spelling independently. It can be difficult for students to practice and learn new words on their own. Our activities give students immediate feedback, allowing them to work at their own pace.

Words are presented phonetically and in context. Repeated exposures to words help your kids build vocabulary, which contributes to reading comprehension. More than 35 activities allow students to read, hear, speak, and write words, see them broken down into syllables, and learn how they are used in context.

Kids can create word lists to fit their curriculum. Your kids can make their own word lists from their reading, science, math, or social studies. You can also import ready-made lists on almost any subject, including lists by grade level. Plus, review lists can be automatically generated, based on your kids’ performance on previous lists, for additional practice.

Your kids’ progress is recorded and saved. Learning activities, including missed words, are recorded. You can follow their progress, and use the reports to build a homeschool portfolio.

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