October 4, 2016

Whatever Your Kids Are Learning,
Our Games Can Help

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Are your kids studying literature today? Or math? VocabularySpellingCity’s 35+ interactive games offer a fun and motivating way to practice vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing skills with words on any subject.

Thousands of ready-made word lists can be customized to any curriculum, or you and your kids can create your own lists. Try this game, using a word list created by a homeschool parent.


How does VocabularySpellingCity help your kids build word power?

  • Immediate feedback on activities lets your kids study independently and direct their own learning.
  • Games are a stress-free way for your kids to master vocabulary and spelling challenges. It’s easy to generate a review list from their missed words. Then they can practice those words using fun activities that motivate them to improve.
  • Phonics activities for beginning readers, featuring words spoken aloud, spelled, and sounded out, give your kids valuable practice in understanding the relationship between letters, words and sounds.
  • Personalized K-12 learning activities are designed to benefit students at every level: advanced, mainstream, struggling, and Special Ed.
  • Our app lets you take activities with you anywhere, turning screen time into learning time.
  • Activities and scores are automatically saved on any device, so you can track your kids’ progress.


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