Help Your Kids Build Vocabulary Skills In Every Subject

 October 1, 2015

Help Your Kids Build Vocabulary
Skills In Every Subject

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VocabularySpellingCity has the tools your children need to build spelling and vocabulary skills in every subject. With more than 35 interactive games and activities, your kids can study independently and direct their own learning.

Are your kids studying literature this week? Or geography? VocabularySpellingCity has thousands of word lists that can be customized to any subject or curriculum. You can create your own lists, or let your kids create them.

If your children are just beginning to read, our suite of phonics and phonological awareness activities, with words read aloud, spelled, and sounded out, will give them valuable practice in understanding the relationship between letters, words and sounds.

Looking for a stress-free way to address your children’s spelling challenges? Try using game-based learning! It’s easy to automatically create a list from their misspelled words. Then they can practice their words using fun activities that motivate them to get it right.

Personalized learning activities are designed to benefit students K-12 at every level: advanced, mainstream, Special Ed, and English Learners.

Our app lets you take the activities with you anywhere, turning screen time into learning time. Wherever your kids go, VocabularySpellingCity automatically records their activities and scores so you can track their progress.

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