December 15, 2014

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Splash Math for Grade K-5

Math program that really works

Splash Math is a self-paced program that is fun and engaging for kids and is available on computers, iPads and Android tablets.

This holiday season join over 9 Million children who use Splash Math to build math skills in Kindergarten through Grade 5.

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How does Splash Math help?
Research has shown that elementary education is the most important stage of your child’s education. Early performance in math is the number one indicator of academic performance later on.
Splash Math is designed to engage children and reward the problem-solving process; they will start making significant progress within their first few practice sessions.
How do I get started?
Create your child’s account, select an appropriate chapter, and let your child work on engaging math problems
We recommend setting a regular schedule like practicing for 20 minutes a day or mastering one skill a day.
Get a Splash Math subscription to accelerate your child�s math learning.
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Splash Math Benefits
Covers every topic in your child’s math curriculum from Grade K through Grade 5
Intelligently adapts to the way each student learns
Real-time dashboard and weekly reports showcase student success and pinpoint trouble spots.
Interactive games and rewards motivate children to learn, practice and improve their math scores.
Available on desktop and iPad
User Stories
“Splash Math is a fun way to learn and review math. I love getting the parent weekly reports so that I know my daughter was working on math and not playing games :). It clearly points out the areas where more practice is required.”
Karen R.

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