Exclusive Discounts for Homeschool.com Readers

 March 19, 2015

Exclusive Discounts for Homeschool.com Readers

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Standard Deviants Accelerate brings you a cutting-edge homeschool program that is fully online and perfect for learning on-the-go.

Video brings learning to life.

Standard Deviants Accelerate is a flexible, individualized, video-rich learning system that makes homeschooling easier and more fun. Young comedians explain complex topics through skits and visuals to make learning engaging and entertaining! SDA has 9 core subjects and 5 AP test prep subjects available.

And it’s not just us saying good things. We’ve had over 150 professional reviews from homeschooling experts. What people are saying:

“I *LOVE* this program. I can’t say it loud enough and I can’t say it enough times. These courses are unbelievably informative and unbelievably entertaining. My kids don’t want to stop doing science and my husband always wants to watch with us.”
— Laura Delgado, My (re)Viewpoint

Learning happens everywhere.

Part of what’s wonderful about homeschooling is that you can fit lessons into an active flexible lifestyle. This is why we made SDAccelerate accessible 24/7, anytime, anywhere, on any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Video on demand supports how you like to learn.

“A completely online program that can be used anytime, anywhere.”
— Diane Knecht, Cabin In the Woods

SDA has much more to offer than just videos.


  • Automatically graded tests and quizzes in multiple choice format
  • Interactive drag and drop diagrams
  • Written reviews of topics in each lesson
  • Vocabulary review with audio playback
  • Act It Out, present and explain a lesson
  • Critical thinking questions


Exclusive Discounts for Homeschool.com Readers!

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