NEW Giveaway: Teach Science the Easy Way [video]

NEW Giveaway: Teach Science the
Easy Way

May 2, 2014
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Dear Reader:

Today I have something extra-special for you. And, it’s free.

I’m Aurora, from Supercharged Science — the ones who have the award-winning science curriculum. I’m going to give away 8 copies of our top-of-the line programs to you.

PLUS, as an added gift, you’ll get a free hands-on science lesson video “How to extract DNA in your Kitchen” that you can do today with stuff you already have at home.

CLICK this link now to access the free lesson and enter this giveaway
By the way, the Supercharged Science e-Science curriculum is self-guiding, so even if you don’t have a lot of time to teach science, it’s not a problem.

Here’s what Supercharged Science is giving away:

  • 4 enrollments in their award-winning e-Science curriculum for 3 months each, including ALL lessons for grades K-12. (worth $171 each)
  • 4 DVD’s from their new Ultimate Science Curriculum. Each DVD is a complete study of one topic ranging from physics to biology to earth science. Winners get to pick which topic they want. (Worth $75 each)


That’s $984 worth of prizes for you to enter to win!

This is what Supercharged Science will do for you and your kids:

  • It’s easy to teach! The program is self-guiding, so kids can do it on their own.
  • Your kids will get one of the best science educations available. These programs have won top awards from Cathy Duffy, Practical Homeschooling,, and lots more.
  • Even if you don’t have time to teach science, or science isn’t your forte, it’s no problem. The programs guide your kids so you don’t have to.
  • Activities and experiments use inexpensive easy-to-get materials
  • Step-by-step videos (taught by a real science teacher — not silly animations) guide your kids through each lesson in a way that makes kids really want to learn.
  • This is hands-on real science, so your kids are actually doing experiments and activities — not just reading about them.
  • Lessons are taught by a real rocket scientist (Aurora Lipper), who has worked for NASA, taught at California Polytechnic University, is a pilot, astronomer AND a mom.


To get your free science lesson on “How to Extract DNA in Your Kitchen” and to register for this rather unique free giveaway, click this link:

Check out the free lesson and you’ll see why.

Talk soon,