Ever see liquid light? Easy science experiment

November 3, 2014

Ever see liquid light?
Easy science experiment

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Ever see liquid light?
The picture below is real, and you can download the step-by-step video for doing this experiment below (including the complete science lesson).
Click this link to download it now – Free

 liquid light
This picture shows a cup filled with “Liquid Light.”  It’s totally safe and easy to do.
In this free self-teaching video science lesson you’ll learn how to do this at home with your kids 🙂
This experiment is from my award-winning Supercharged Science curriculum. 
By the way, my name is Aurora Lipper.  I’ve been teaching science for over 15 years, worked for NASA, been on the faculty at California Polytechnic University and written over 15 award-winning science curriculums and programs (They have won awards like Cathy Duffy’s top101 picks, Practical Homeschooling’s #1 science curriculum, and lots more).
Actually, when you click the link above, you’ll not only get the Liquid Light experiment, but also free access to a complete mini-curriculum with 5 video-based science lessons that guide your kids through each step.
These are perfect if you don’t have time to teach science or if science isn’t really your area of expertise.
Click this if you’re thinking “Yes,  I DO want to try this at home!”
I know your kids will learn a lot, AND really enjoy this one.

Talk soon,
P.S. I’m not sure how long these science experiments will be available for at no charge (they usually sell for $30).  Here’s the link to download them: