Summer Fun with ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program!

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The ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program is an affordable, effective way to maintain reading, writing and math skills all summer long while still exploring and enjoying all that summer has to offer.

Each ThinkStretch summer kit offers

  • a grade specific workbook
  • parent guide to summer
  • and an appreciation medal

ThinkStretch is aligned with state and national standards and is available for Pre-K heading into Kindergarten through 7th grade heading into 8th grade. Students will spend just the right amount of time each week to keep up those hard-earned math, reading and writing skills.

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Summer reading review in the ThinkStretch Summer Program is based on the research proven free choice model. Students select their own reading and track minutes in a weekly reading log. Writing is topic driven with subjects and writing genres varying by week.

Regular, brief bursts of math fact practice help students maintain their math fact accuracy and speed. Math concepts are reviewed weekly as well. New math concepts are much easier to absorb in the fall when a student is not struggling to remember a basic fact.

Bonus activities round out the week with hands on exploration of mathematics, science, or social studies. ThinkStretch provides every student with the opportunity to return to homeschooling confident and prepared to learn in the fall.

Key to the success of a summer learning homeschool program is parent support. ThinkStretch offers parents several free resources to inspire your child and you!

To start the summer off right and excite your child to keep his/her skills over the summer, make sure you use all that ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program has to offer.

  1. Show your child the video of the Professor sending his Brain on summer vacation at
  2. Set a summer routine including a safe place to keep the ThinkStretch activity book, quiet time for reading, and lots of time for fun!
  3. Check your student’s work and initial the track record on pages 2 & 3 for each completed activity.
  4. Encourage your child to complete the workbook to earn the achievement medal.
  5. Offer a special family activity if all the bonus activities are completed – dinner at a park, extra play time or sitting at the head of the table!
  6. Make a small celebration about receiving the gold medal – it represents over 800 minutes of reading, hundreds of math facts, and 8 writing activities!

ThinkStretch is excited to offer the ThinkStretch Summer Learning Program to homeschoolers for the first time!

Order Now! Only $20 including shipping to your home!