Hit the Refresh on Your Homeschool!

 January 13, 2015

Hit the “Refresh” Button on
Your Homeschool!

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Dear Homeschooler:
If you could change one thing about your homeschooling, what would it be? You must be as amazed as I am by the growing number of new tools, websites, and technologies for online learning. How can a parent possibly hope to find the best curriculum with so many options to choose from?

I’ll start by admitting that, as a parent, I have no simple answers for you. The best materials for your kids are not necessarily the best materials for mine. The beauty of homeschooling is that it gives you the flexibility to mold a learning experience that’s right for your child. What works perfectly in the beginning may change over time.

January is the perfect time to reevaluate. Don’t be afraid to try new things or mix up your routine. Let’s use Time4Learning.com as an example. For most visual and audio learners, the interactive activities engage the students in such a way that they retain the information better than textbook based learning.

Maybe you have a student that thrives on variety. You can use Time4Learning for one subject and a text book approach for another and Time4Learning parents can easily supplement with a math drill-based workbook or even a hands-on science experiment. Homeschooling offers you flexibility, so take advantage of it.

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Thanks for reading.

(Homeschooling mom of 2, employee of Time4Learning)


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