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 September 15, 2015

Keep Calm and Homeschool
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It’s that time again…time to get back to homeschooling. Gearing up for a new year can be stressful and time consuming to say the least. If you’re still in the process of fine tuning your plan of action for this homeschool year, let Time4Learning give you a hand.

Time4Learning has helped hundreds of thousands of homeschooling families in the last 10 years get through this hectic time. Our flexible, easy to use Prek-12th grade curriculum instills a can-do attitude towards learning in your child while allowing them to pursue their passions and dreams. Time4Learning has kept parents in mind as well. We give you tons of time-saving tools like lesson plans, homeschool guides, and automated reports so you have time for the things you love…like spending more time with your kids.

Below are a few tips we’ve put together that will help you ease into the new homeschool year, whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro.

  • Switching things up? Are you starting a new curriculum or just changing your overall method of operation? Make the transition a bit easier and more manageable by starting a few weeks early.
  • Take it easy! Try not to stress when things don’t go as planned. Didn’t get to everything on your schedule or lesson plans for the day? It’s ok!
  • Talk it out. Do you notice a change in your child’s behavior or attitude towards homeschooling? Ask your child questions and find out why they feel the way they do. Hear them out and be ready to offer advice and reassurance. Maybe it’s time for a change.
  • Make it fun! Who says you have to spend your day learning at home? Does your child have a particular passion? Head to a baseball game or ballet recital. Feed their interests and dreams, and make these opportunities a chance to learn something new.
  • Get involved. If your child is part of a homeschool group or starting a new one, make time to volunteer or help out in any way you can. Not only will this help you meet other like-minded families, it will also make your child feel at ease knowing mom or dad is helping out and is part of the same group too.
While homeschooling may take some trial and error, you’ll soon discover what works for your family. Be it curriculum, schedule, or how to stay organized and keep a portfolio, Time4Learning can help during this exciting homeschooling journey.

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