Did You Ever Think You Would be a Homeschooler?

 January 13, 2016

Did You Ever Think You Would be a Homeschooler?

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Every day we hear from parents who are new to homeschooling. Many of them never even had plans to homeschool. They envisioned their kids attending an A-rated school where they would have dedicated teachers, friendly classmates, and receive a top-notch education. But for various reasons, homeschooling is now their reality. Does this sound familiar?

If you can relate to being an accidental homeschooler, you’re not alone. A large number of Time4Learning members fall into this category. Some have children who are not thriving in school or are just slipping through the cracks. Others have students who have been bullied to the point that they are scared of going back to their brick and mortar school.

We’ve also spoken with families dealing with special needs, such as health issues that prevent their children from attending school on a regular basis; and similarly, military families who have been relocated to another state or even a different country. For whatever reason, traditional schools just didn’t work and now it was time for a new plan…homeschooling.

A Homeschool Solution for Every Need

No matter what situation you find yourself in, Time4Learning can help. Like you, these Time4Learning families just wanted what’s best for their children. They came to us overwhelmed and confused and in fact their candid testimonials may sound a lot like your story.

“I did not know much about homeschooling and I was afraid too. Time4Learning took the fear away and helped my family through this journey and we have been with them for 5 years!” -Donna

“Time4Learning was a life saver! As a first time homeschool parent I didn’t know the first thing about getting started. Some sites were complicated (or expensive). A friend of mine who has been homeschooling for years had tried Time4Learning. She said it was very simple to use so I checked it out. My children are doing much better than they did in public school and I feel that that’s proof enough for me that this program works.” -Nina

Time4Learning is a great foundation and includes many of the tools you need to homeschool. Plus, our knowledgeable support specialists are available by phone or email to offer assistance and answer your questions.

Our online, PreK-12th grade curriculum is simple to use and includes:

  • Printable lesson plans & homeschool guides
  • Adjustable grade levels & student-paced lessons
  • Friendly support staff & a parent community forum
  • Activity planner & automated reports
  • In January, integrated Science4Us curriculum for K-3

Trusted Homeschooling Resources

With the endless amount of information available on homeschooling, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. If you’re new to homeschooling, download our Welcome to Homeschooling Guide which has helped families new to homeschooling make the transition.

Were you an accidental homeschooler? Are you and your children now happier than ever since you started homeschooling? Share your story and advice on the Time4Learning Facebook page and be an inspiration for another family.

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