Four Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling

 February 10, 2016

Four Ways to Save Money on Homeschooling

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Homeschooling does not have to break your budget, even in a large family. Sure, you want the best possible education for your child, but you also need to keep your finances in mind. So, what do you do?

Think it Through
A big no-no that most novice homeschoolers are guilty of is spending a ton of money on curricula that may not work. First, you need to determine how your child learns best. Once you know, you’ll have a better idea of which learning programs will work for you and your child.

Borrow, Rent, Look for Bargains

Do you have a library card? Use it to borrow books and DVDs to incorporate into your child’s curriculum. Check out thrift stores and flea markets for books, arts and craft supplies, and other low-cost items you can add to your stockpiling of homeschool tools. Many websites even allow you to trade books and other useful homeschool resources with their members free of charge.

Find Free Fun

Local parks, nature centers, and even museums will host free events for kids several times a year. Not only are these great learning opportunities that cost you nothing, but they also allow your child to make new friends and hang out with other homeschoolers.

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