Test a New Curriculum This Summer!


Test a New Curriculum This Summer!

Summer is a great time to try new things. With Time4Learning.com, you can easily experiment with a technology-based curriculum that was voted as a top three selection of the Homeschool.com Top 100 Educational Websites of 2009.

June 1, 2009

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Here’s the idea:

  • Kids like using the computer and improving computer skills is more important than ever. Many of them would love to spend hours a day on the computer if allowed. So, they’re likely to approach the Time4Learning online curriculum with curiosity and enthusiasm.
  • As parents, you know students deserve a summer break.
  • You also know that some of their hard-won academic skills will be lost during months of no academic activity. With 20-45 minutes per day online, your students can maintain and sharpen their skills while they get reinvigorated by the total change of approach. You might even find a new approach to curriculum that you can integrate during the school year based on your summer experiment.
  • Each student’s need for summer study is different.
  • Some can use the time to review last year’s material, someone else might want to get a jump start on next year’s material, and others might best focus on one area of particular weakness or interest. Time4Learning.com has hundreds of lessons and activities for each grade from preschool to eighth grade for language arts and math.
  • The Time4Learning’s quality program is available to homeschoolers on a flexible and reasonable basis.
  • Start and stop when you want. No long term contracts to sign, you pay month to month. The cost per student for a complete language arts and math package is $19.95 per month.
  • If you try Time4Learning and it doesn’t measure up to your standards, we offer a 100% money back guarantee within the first 14 days of enrollment.


Summer is a perfect time to try new things and Time4Learning is a great place to start. You can be into your first lesson within minutes. Why not try it now?

Time4Learning has teaching tools and detailed reporting for parents.
Click any screenshot to get a closer look.



Capitalizing on Your Kids’ Interests – The “Luminescent” Effect

Students like the interactive nature of online learning. They like having independence and control over their lessons. For many children, the ability to work at their own pace or to repeat a lesson privately is very liberating. The Time4Learning integrated lesson plans include animation and audio to engage students. Some have called it the “luminescent effect”, which compares a child’s attraction to the computer with a moth seeking light. While we hope that most of our summers are spent in recreation and with nature, Time4Learning allows you to harness your kid’s enthusiasm for the computer in a way that can feel like a vacation while delivering much needed vocabulary and math skills.

Experiment with Different Pedagogical Approaches and Learning Styles.

While many parents provide some creative hands-on and unit studies for their children, many rely on textbooks for a large part of their curriculum. Frankly, textbooks are a reliable method to systematically cover large components of the curriculum. In fact, they have traditionally been one of the only ways to cover the material without having to continuously create lessons from the basic standards…until now. Time4Learning is a leader of a new generation of technology-based products which can cover large components of the curriculum.

Time4Learning’s visual, hands-on and auditory program particularly helps those with learning styles not optimal for textbooks. Parents and educators know that students have dramatically different optimal learning styles. While some absorb the written word very well, others learn best when the materials are presented verbally (ie aural learners) or visually (ie visual learners) or in a manner that they can physically interact with (ie kinesthetic learners). Time4Learning’s online learning system evokes multiple learning modalities and works for a broad set of learning styles. This lets parents hone in on the technique that works best, making it easier for kids to absorb and retain their lessons.

So take a look at our demos and try Time4Learning.com this summer to explore other learning methods for your students.

Here are a few screen shots to give you a feel for the lessons
Click any one of them to view our demos.


Different Types of Online Learning

Homeschool parents often ask if there’s a better educational approach available. It’s a natural concern. This is the education of your children, after all. Technology opens up a whole new world of options… millions, in fact; and sifting through millions of options can be a daunting task. With so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and take the “go with what you know” route. Summer is a good time to try and experiment with curriculum.


So how does Time4Learning position among your online choices?

  • There are many learning websites with materials to read and videos to watch. These are useful resources. They differ from Time4Learning in that they don’t lead the student through a curriculum, they don’t track student’s progress, and they don’t have reports that are easily accessible by you.
  • There are many learning games
  • . Typically, these games are very engaging and expose students to one area in some depth. They rarely aspire to comprehensive coverage of an educational curriculum.
  • There are many online curriculums which are more like online textbooks
  • with links to videos. After the initial novelty of being online wears off, students tend to have similar reactions to them as they would to textbooks which are typically best read offline.
  • There are online schools that provide teachers,
  • grading and standardized tests. They are essentially correspondence schools for distance learning which now use the internet rather than mailing materials back and forth.


Time4Learning.com is an online learning system that is student-paced and parent supervised. This means that students log in to the system whenever they want and use it as much as they want. The reports of their activities and mastery of the materials are available to parents at anytime.


Summer is the perfect time to try something new.


Whether mainstream, gifted, or special needs, Time4Learning provides a flexible, student-paced approach. Students get an individual learning path based on subject skill mastery rather than grade level. They can work at their own pace and on their own terms, either by following their learning path or by choosing activities themselves. Plus, students get access to the grade above and the grade below each subject, so they can advance or review any time they need to. This gives them a sense of ownership over their progress, which can be a great motivator.


The learning materials take an “outside-of the-box” approach to learning; a refreshing change from sitting in a classroom or at a table reading textbooks. And frankly, having a program that children like to use is already half of the battle!


Try the interactive lesson demos , preview the screenshots to learn more,
get started today with our 100% money-back guarantee.