Summertime Homeschooling

 May 10, 2017

Summertime Homeschooling

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Setting a Summertime Homeschooling Schedule

Time4Learning Summertime Schedule

Summertime means fun time! But it doesn’t necessarily mean “school’s out.” Many homeschoolers prefer keeping some type of homeschooling schedule — but add a little summertime zing. It helps their children stay motivated and focused on learning.

For example, parents mix traveling and enjoying the great outdoors with their normal curriculum. And that’s not a problem with Time4Learning because our award-winning, comprehensive curriculum travels with you. Since it’s online, all you need is a computer or tablet and internet access. After all, learning doesn’t have to take a permanent pause during summer.

Whether you’re a year-round homeschooler, follow a traditional school calendar, or are somewhere in between, check out our summertime learning ideas, activities, and lessons.

Access our 6-Week Summer Learning Plans

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