Your end-of-year homeschool writing checkup

 May 5, 2016

Your end-of-year homeschool writing checkup

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As the homeschool year winds down, you are likely taking stock of the progress your student(s) made in each subject. However, one of the trickiest parts of that task is knowing how to evaluate that progress. We know that can be especially hard when measuring your son’s or daughter’s writing skills. Is he on grade-level with his ability to punctuate correctly? Is she on par with writing introductory and conclusion sentences?

To help, Time4Writing has created a writing skills checklist for elementary through high school. Just like every child, your homeschooler is unique and will meet specific benchmarks only when ready; please consult this list as a general guideline and not as a concrete timetable. If, however, you determine that your student needs intervention in any specific area, we recommend browsing our full course list for the one that will best help your homeschooler get back on track.

Check Out Our Writing Skills Checklist

Each Time4Writing course is only 8 weeks long. That means any course you choose will fit perfectly into your summer schedule and, because all the coursework is online, your student can complete their work even while traveling! By tackling those gaps and problem areas over the summer, you are helping ensure that your young writer will kick off the next school year in the best academic shape possible.
P.S. Don’t want to wait until summer to get started with a Time4Writing course? That’s no problem. Our teachers begin new courses every single day. Sign up today!
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