A Homeschool Dad’s Language Learning Tips

March 15, 2012
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To Homeschool.com Readers.

My name is Kenneth (“Kenny”) Trent. I’m a homeschooling Dad and I founded TrentBooks.com. TrentBooks.com is dedicated to helping people in every walk of life to learn a new language.

As the world becomes more global, bilingualism is increasingly marketable among employees and businesses. Worldwide travel, both for business and pleasure, makes understanding another language and culture both desirable and, in many cases, necessary. Learning a second language can have a positive, life-altering effect on those who invest the time.

Over the last decade, I have studied 7 languages (Spanish, Guarani, Portuguese, Hebrew, Greek, German, and Japanese). I have also conducted graduate research specifically targeting the language learning process from early stages of study to fluency. I have condensed my research and experience into one short, readable, affordable book, called The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages.

The Pocketbook Guide to Learning Languages contains everything you need to know to learn a second language – any language. It breaks down the language learning process, provides strategies for using specific forms of mass media, and expands on principles of motivation to help ensure a successful language learning experience

I removed most of the academic jargon from the research, cut the fat, and cut the cost. You can read it in a few hours, and it retails at $9.99. (You can grab it at Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com).

Additionally, I use my website, TrentBooks.com, as a means to provide principles, strategies, tips, resources, and advice to help you come to terms with the language learning process itself. I am committed to helping people in every walk of life to learn a new language – especially homeschooling families! While many websites have a wealth of information for a specific language, they often fall short when it comes to helping you digest that information in a meaningful way. My desire is to supplement the many valuable language websites with methods to help you actually learn those languages.

You can benefit from TrentBooks.com in several ways. Perhaps the easiest is to read through the blog for entries that interest you. I hope that as you do so you will feel comfortable commenting. I would love to hear your story, answer questions, or provide feedback. You can also get my eBook, 11 Lessons for Learning Languages FREE when you join the mailing list to get strategies and advice sent right to your inbox (don’t worry, I won’t share your email address – EVER). Again, my book contains the most comprehensive and valuable information on the site, so I highly recommend it as the first resource you turn to when considering learning a new language.

Thank you for your time. I genuinely wish you the best in your homeschooling endeavors, and hope to be of service as you and your child strive to learn a new language.

Warm wishes,

Kenny Trent

(For more information about me, visit my bio page or read my blog. Also, you can follow me on FaceBook, Twitter, or Google+!)