Creating Successful Online Learners

Creating Successful Online Learners
Free Webinars 9/4, 9/5

August 29, 2013
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As you educate your children from your home throughout high school, you are preparing them for their futures. Today, knowledge of the online environment is increasingly important for both college and career success, so combining your supportive learning environment with online college-prep high school curriculum is something you should seriously consider.

According to The Sloan Consortium:

  • In fall 2011, more than 6.7 million college-level students incorporated at least one online course into their schedules.
  • In total, 32 percent of higher education students are taking at least one online course per semester.


Many students have discovered the flexibility that online learning provides—allowing them to plan their academics around their life instead of their life around their academics. However, it is important that students gain the proper foundation for online course work to be successful.

Quality online high school programs also help parents meet the demands of both parenting and teaching college-prep high school curriculum, especially when coursework extends beyond their expertise. As some of you know, high school years can be a time of transition from being the educator/parent to becoming the mentor/parent. Online education opportunities can assist you in navigating this transition.

With so many options for online high school opportunities, what are some questions you should ask to find the best possible fit for your children?

To assist you in exploring the world of online education, the University of Nebraska High School will present two free live webinars next week. Through these 20-minute presentations, UNHS representatives Charlotte Seewald and Katelyn Ideus will:

  • Provide an overview of the online learning landscape at the high school and college levels
  • Share characteristics of successful University of Nebraska High School online students
  • Offer insight into the University of Nebraska High School’s online program and courses


To sign up:


If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte.

About UNHS

As an accredited online high school with certificated teachers, UNHS understands the needs of home school families. Since 1929, it has provided distance education to students, making the education they need to meet their goals accessible. For more than 80 years UNHS has served home school students by offering individual distance courses as well as a full diploma program. More than 100 core, elective and Advanced Placement online courses are available through UNHS.