An Effective Solution for Your Student’s Reading and Writing Challenges

An Effective Solution�for Your Student’s Reading and Writing Challenges

April 1, 2009

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Parents that home school often do so because their children face learning challenges the public school system does not adequately meet. One such challenge is that of new readers and the frustrations they experiences while learning to read. Students who experience reading or writing difficulties, or who have been diagnosed with a language-based learning disability, have a fundamental disconnection between letters and the sounds that each letter makes. This disconnection disrupts the essential building blocks of language for these students. As a result, the student’s reading and writing challenges affect every aspect of his or her academic experience.


15-20% of the people in the United States have a language-based learning disability.
Of the students with specific learning disabilities receiving special education
services, 70-80% have deficits in reading.
-The International Dyslexia Association-


How do you know if your child has a LLD?  Behaviors that may indicate a possible LLD include:


  • Continued difficulty with reading and spelling
  • Inability to quickly identify the names of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors when exposed to them in random sequences
  • Poor performance on tested material that was well known right after studying
  • Need for clarification immediately after receiving instructions
  • Difficulty organizing thoughts or ideas in writing 


If your child displays one or more of these attributes, they may be facing a language-based learning difference. Verticy Learning presents an educational program that addresses the specific reading, writing, and phonics needs of these students while keeping them on academic pace with their peers in other subject areas. Verticy encourages your child to discover new ways of learning the foundations of reading and writing through specialized curriculum, innovative teaching techniques, and computer-based learning tools. This discovery leads to a more empowered student who is able to achieve academic success and recapture the wonder of independent learning.

Verticy Learning’s unique program can be implemented in two different ways— (1) as a complete curriculum solution or (2) as a supplemental reading, writing and phonics solution.

However you choose to use the curriculum, you will be impressed by the–


  • Flexible pace
  • Overall concentration in Phonics/Spelling and Grammar/Composition
  • Use of visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic teaching styles
  • Individualized course configuration
  • Easy-to-use lesson manual that includes detailed outlines and step-by-step instructions
  • Support from Educational Counselors, LLD Specialists and Verticy Live Tutors


With Verticy’s Complete Curriculum solution, you will receive:


  • Phonics/Spelling Lesson Manual, Workbook, Answer Keys, Concept Pages, and Test Booklet
  • Word cards
  • Magnetic alpha tiles
  • Instructional Strategies DVD and Guidebook
  • Sound Reference Library for phonological practice


  • Grammar/Composition Lesson Manual
  • Writing Skills Book

Core Subjects and Math

  • Core materials include Science, History, Geography, Literature, and Art
  • Core Lesson Manual and corresponding Activity Pages, Workbooks, and Answer Keys
  • Textbooks
  • Literature selections
  • Test Booklet
  • Computer Skills & Applications Manual
  • Math Lesson Manual, Workbook, and Textbook
  • Verticy Math Companion
  • Various manipulatives and school supplies

Integrated Computer-Based Resources

  • Kidspiration or Inspiration software
  • BookShare
  • Reading a-Z
  • Raz-Kids
  • My Verticy
  • Aha!Math
  • Kurzweil (optional)

Included Support Services

  • Educational Counselors & LLD Specialists
  • Technical Support

Optional Support Services:

  • Verticy Advisory Teaching Service (ATS)
  • V*Live Tutor

Through the use of their daily lesson plans, your child will be in a position to achieve academic success, recapture the wonder of independent learning and will become a more empowered student. And really, don’t we all want that for our children?


Have your child take the Verticy Learning online screening assessment to determine whether he or she may benefit from this unique program. Or, visit Verticy’s Web site to learn more about the specialized curriculum, support options, and methodologies. You may also view a sample lesson plan by visiting the ‘Curriculum’ tab on their Web site.





Verticy Learning offers the first complete home school experience specifically designed to address the needs of students with language-based learning differences. Whether you are a seasoned educator, or are new to the idea of teaching your child at home, Verticy Learning is your partner every step of the way. With the combined experience of two proven academic organizations, you can be confident that Verticy Learning delivers an effective, comprehensive educational experience. Visit their Web site to participate in their free, no obligation screening assessment.