A Fun Way to Gain Essential Technical Skills

A Fun Way to Gain Essential Technical Skills
September 30, 2013
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All around us, 3D technology can be seen changing the world. Engineers use 3D technology to create prototypes, bio-tech companies use 3D technology to make medical devices, manufacturers use 3D technology to develop products, and architects use 3D modeling to design new buildings. Movies also use 3D animation to entertain and delight audiences. As we hear these stories, it becomes more and more clear that an understanding of 3D technology is an essential skill for many of the next generation of careers.

Young students who learn and understand 3D technology today can excel in careers ranging from architecture to engineering to animation. At Youth Digital, we believe that children are naturally creative and naturally curious, and we’ve designed our 3D Game Design 1 course with this in mind.  We combine children’s innate curiosity and creativity, along with our project-based learning methodology, to introduce these essential 3D skills in a fun and creative environment.

Our students, age eight and up, become familiar with essential new technologies for 3D development. They learn to work with texturing and lighting, and volumes and materials in a 3D environment. As students design a fun game and an attractive game world, they’re learning applicable real-world skills. Students become familiar with career skills in 3D technology, as well as life skills like creative problem-solving and seeing their project through to completion.

Our online class uses self-contained modules to allow students to set their own pace and to easily review material in the areas they choose. Most importantly, our students finish class with their very own game. This helps children take ownership of the development process and it puts all the skills they’re developing into practical context. This hands-on method is rewarding for students and helps them retain the important skills they’ve learned.

Youth Digital students enjoy bringing their ideas to life as they imagine, design and build their own three-dimensional game world. By channeling children’s love of games and their natural creativity, we’re able to give our students a grounding in the technical skills that will be essential in our 3D future. We help them to develop valuable skills that they can take with them into the new era of designing and creating in three dimensions.

Watch our video on how 3D Game Design begins to develop important skills, or go to our 3D Game Design Courses.