What is the CUBE? – How can it Help Your Children?

 September 7, 2016

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Discover your children’s potential, develop their talent.
Let's make this world a better place through education!
Are we offering them the tools they need to face a rapidly changing world?
The CUBE is the first digital program designed with care and love, for our children to work with their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings, awakening their “I CAN” spirit. They can discover their potential and develop their talents, thinking about the future, and work on important communication, creativity and leadership skills that are not often taught in schools today.

We have developed and tested The CUBE with thousands of kids, parents and teachers around the world. It is a unique and engaging education method aimed at developing the skill sets needed for a successful 21st century life.

Mother and daugther workin together on the YPD CUBE
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The CUBE is a Digital Tool designed for parents, family and children to discover together their potential and develop their talents through the combination of information and challenges.
Cube DVDs - Users will learn how to:
Identify their goals in life, develop a proactive state of mind, ...
What people say
Quote left The CUBE captures the authentic energy, creativity, persuasiveness, and visionary leadership of YPD founder and CEO Franco Soldi. The Cube is an engaging tool that helps students master the soft skills for successfully living.

Robert H. McPherson, Ph.D.
Dean College of Education University of Houston

The YPD CUBE establishes skills, passion and motivation in our youth. I look forward to the day every school in America is part of this program. Our kids need it and America’s future depends on it.

Christina Robinson Grochett
Chief Strategy Officer, Innovation and Research at Lone Star College

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Quote left It is simply fantastic. With the YPD CUBE, kid’s talents are unleashed so they can shoot for the moon.

Andrea Ford Hodge
Executive Director, Education Entrepreneurship at RICE University

The YPD CUBE is the opportunity for our students to be exposed to the dynamics of entrepreneurship through their own personal growth and potential and by focusing on the strengths inside of them that they did not know existed while exploring their inner selves.

Brenda Arteaga PhD
Superintendent of Southwest Schools, Houston Texas

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Franco and his child working on the Cube
Discover your potential, develop your talent. Why not?