Board Votes to Ban Homeschoolers

17 February 1:00 am
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by Amy Tjaden News Editor


Remember yesterday when I said I do not support the idea of a tax break for homeschool parents simply because the logistics of implementing something like that would be difficult. Remember how I added that homeschoolers should have access to public school facilities?

There is some interesting news out of Ithaca, New York. It seems a school district there has deemed that any homeschooled or chartered schooled child will be banned from utilizing the public school’s extracurricular activities.

Here is where I start to rethink the entire tax issue. After all, a childless couple still has to pay taxes to their public schools but they can utilize them if they decide to have children. However, a homeschooling family has to pay taxes to their public school and they’re not even given the option to participate in any of the programs?

The board’s reasoning behind their decision is laughable. They claim there is no recourse should a child misbehave. They say that homeschooled children don’t have to provide the same medical records that public schooled children provide.  Really, is that all they got?

How about the recourse for misbehavior is being kicked off the team or being made to sit out a game? How about making a condition that anyone who participates in public school programs is required to be up to date on vaccines. It isn’t rocket science people.

One mother who spoke for the ban said she was in favor for it because those who choose to leave the school take their tax dollars with them. This kind of comment only shows how ignorant people are to the issues. Homeschoolers pay the same taxes. Leaving the school system doesn’t change that.

I think it is sad that the entire homeschool debate has turned into an “Us vs. Them” game. Instead of trying to decide who is right or better why not just let each family decide what works best for them and allow all children the same access to programs, regardless of where they go to learn.

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