One thing can be said for homeschooled children. They are self motivated. From writing novels, to starting their own businesses homeschoolers know they can succeed and they go for it. Such is the case of Anastasia Snyder.

The 10-year old homeschooled student has started a new business called Lovin’ It Loops in which she offers hand knit cell phone covers, change pouches and purses. Snyder says she got the idea for her business from the book series ‘Beacon Street Girls’.

Lovin’ It Loops merchandise is currently being sold at Jumping Jellyfish children’s boutique in Pasadena, California and is garnering positive feedback. Many of Snyder’s fans remember her from her first business venture in which she sold homemade baked goods.

The budding entrepreneur is also an author. She is currently working on a story about a mermaid titled, “The Diary of Aquafina Wavia.”

Snyder says she enjoys making money but is mostly in the business for the experience. With two successful businesses under her belt by the age of 10, something tells me we’re going to see more from Anastasia Snyder.

I’m not at all surprised by the ingenuity of this little girl. Homeschoolers are self starters and seem to think outside the box in most areas. From my experience, homeschoolers are not only creative but they know how to put that creativity to use. My oldest has created so many board games that I’m certain that one day we’ll actually see one of his board games for sale in retail stores.

I’d like to hear from the readers about homeschoolers they know. Do you know of any who have been published, or started businesses like Anastasia Snyder? Or maybe you know some who have organized events for your community.

Archived article regarding this story can be obtained from the Pasadena Star News.

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