by Amy Tjaden News Editor


If you’re homeschooled and hoping to excel in sports through college, take note; it is possible.

Many homeschooling families face the same scenario; there are many sports programs available to their kids until those kids hit high school. Then, suddenly, programs are lacking.

This was the case for Blake McKnight, a homeschooled student in Missouri. Blake’s father, Tom McKnight decided to do something about it and co-founded the St. Louis Patriots, a baseball team made up entirely of homeschooled students.

The team, founded in 2006, plays against local schools not sanctioned by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. Last year the team won the National Homeschool Baseball tournament in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Blake had not considered college baseball an option but has been signed to play with Evangel University in Springfield.

This news is inspiring and gives hope to many sports enthusiasts who are worried they won’t get the same opportunities or exposure that those in public school get. The National Homeschool Baseball tournament? Who knew there was such a thing? I admit, I didn’t.

I encourage anyone looking for sports programs to contact both their local school district and homeschool groups. Maybe your district allows homeschooled students to participate in sports. Maybe your homeschool group knows of organized teams for homeschoolers.

If nothing else you can always see what it takes to create a team. Our options may sometimes appear to be limited so we just create options. That is one of the things I love about the homeschooling community. We always find a way.

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