The Department of Education’s National Center for Statistics has reported that since 1999 the number of homeschooled children has increased by 74%. The brief for these statistics can be found here

The number one motive for this increase seems to be a desire to flee the negative influence of public schools. A majority of homeschool parents also want more of a religious and moral platform for their children’s educations.

As many public schools face a myriad of issues, including financial, parents are finding that homeschooling better suits their children’s educational needs.  Basically, parents are starting to clue into the fact that home is a better learning environment than public school.

The numbers back this up. Homeschooled children consistently score 15-30% higher than their public school peers; this according to the National Home Education Research Institute. The numbers are not surprising when you consider that homeschooled children are working in a more relaxed environment. They get more one on one time. They are able to explore their own interests and work at their own pace.

As families realize the benefits and flexibility homeschooling has to offer it can only be assumed that the number will continue to rise. Hopefully this rise will also see a decrease in the stigma attached to homeschooling. In the seven years I’ve been homeschooling I’ve seen more mainstream acceptance but there are still those who just don’t get homeschooling.

I’d like to see homeschooling become simply an alternative rather than the exception.

I’d like to know how the readers feel about this increasing number. What were your reasons for homeschooling? Have you always homeschooled or did you pull your child from the school system for a specific reason such as the ones stated above?

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