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With all the news about state legislation butting into homeschooling, or public schools banning homeschoolers from extracurricular activities; I was relieved to come across a story that falls within a more positive light and that many may find useful.

Lee & Low Books recently announced the launch of a new web section devoted to homeschoolers. For those not familiar with Lee & Low Books, it is a children’s book publisher that focuses on diversity. After talking with homeschoolers and librarians who support homeschoolers, Lee & Low Books realized a resource based on their focus of diversity could benefit homeschooling families.

The homeschool section of the Lee & Low Books website includes free activities that are designed for individuals or small groups. There are also a few articles that provide tips on how to bring diversity into your homeschool plan.

Some of the activities are geared around The Vanishing Culture series by Jan Reynolds. The series is about seven mostly unknown cultures. In our house, the kids basically guide our homeschool plan. However, The Vanishing Culture series sounds exciting and worth introducing to the kids to see if they want to explore it further.

The homeschool resource at the Lee & Low Books website can be found here.

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