Portland, Oregon public access television has a cooking show. That might not seem so unusual. After all, cooking shows are a hot commodity these days. However, Portland’s show is unique in that the host of their cooking show is only five.

Look out Rachel Ray! Five-year-old Julian Kreusser has been cooking since he was three. Now, two years later he is the host of his own cooking show, “Big Kitchen with Food” and has prospects for a possible book deal.  Julian’s repertoire includes chocolate chip zucchini bread and, apparently, a world renowned spaghetti sauce.

Julian is the product of unschooling, which just goes to show how far little minds can go when left to pursue their own interests. I’ve often been asked, “How do they learn?” People often forget that learning is a natural process and children do not need someone to spoon feed them knowledge.

When I first started leaning more toward the unschooling route, I was skeptical and rather fearful that my children would spend all their time playing video games. Unless I forced them to learn, why would they? It turns out they learn because they love it. And when they are left to explore their own interests they love it even more.

Granted, they don’t host their own television show. Well, not yet anyway.

“Big Kitchen with Food” can also be seen online at

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