By Amy Tjaden News Editor

Today the home of a homeschooling family will be completely demolished; and they’re thrilled about it!
The Cerda family of Las Vegas Nevada was chosen to have their house destroyed and rebuilt by the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The Cerda’s two daughters both have an immune disorder that means even a simple cold could be life threatening.
The Cerda’s home, which they’ve had since 2004, has proven to be too much for them to handle as it is not structurally sound and has flooded numerous times; causing mold which is unhealthy for their two girls.
Chuck Cerda works for Homeland Security and Terri Cerda has spent many years volunteering in different areas and working as an advocate for the Immune Deficiency Foundation. She is also active in her local homeschool circle, when the girls’ health allows it.
The Cerdas will spend the next week in Maui as Ty Pennington and his crew builds them a new house.
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