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I read a recent article about the Tim Tebow bill.

For those who might not be aware of what that is, the Tim Tebow bill would allow homeschooled students access to public school programs. The bill was introduced to the Alabama legislature in 2005.

The bill is named for Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow who was homeschooled. He lived in the state of Florida where homeschoolers have access to public school activities. The thought is that if Tebow had not had access to public school he might not have gone on to be the superstar athlete that he is today.

Right now 24 states allow homeschoolers access to their public schools. Alabama is not one of them but it is one of nine states considering legislation to change that. The Tim Tebow bill is currently stalled in the senate.

What struck me is that the article I read said that in states that do allow homeschoolers access to public school programs, only 3-5% of homeschoolers actually tryout for public school sports. I was rather surprised by that number.

On any given day I stumble across articles where homeschoolers are rallying for their right to utilize public school programs. So how can it be that such a small percentage actually takes advantage of public school sports?

I’d like to hear from our readers on this. Do you live in a state that allows access? Do you utilize your public school for any reason? Are you satisfied with the programs and the community response to your involvement? If you live in a state that currently does not allow access, are you hoping that changes? Would you use public school sports programs if you were able to?

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