by Amy Tjaden News Editor


There is a bill floating around the North Dakota senate that would make kindergarten mandatory.

Under current law kindergarten is not mandatory in order for a child to enter the first grade. Children must be enrolled in the first grade by age 7. But some lawmakers feel that since schools now offer full day kindergarten then all children should be exposed to all day kindergarten.

This has some homeschoolers in the state upset simply because that would require them to fill out a statement of intent one year earlier than they are required to now. Apparently having to do this a year earlier is seen as a burden.

I live in a state where we must file a letter of intent. I had to file for my oldest son because he was 7. I haven’t had to file for my other two sons yet. However, if the state suddenly changed their laws and I had to file earlier for my other two, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. It seems a small price to pay for the privilege of homeschooling my children.

I don’t get the problem? Why is filing one year earlier than usual a burden? With all the issues homeschoolers have to face when it comes to state legislation, why whine about something like this? I can see fighting for your children to have access to state run sport programs, or getting angry when some ignorant judge orders a mom to put her kids into public school. But complaining because you now have to file a statement of intent one year earlier than usual? It just makes all of us look bad.

The bigger issue in this situation is the fact that lawmakers are butting their big fat noses where they don’t belong by pushing for mandatory kindergarten.  Again, some politician on their high horse thinks they know better than the parent and is working hard to take their choices away.

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