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I stumbled upon this article and thought it was fascinating. There is a school in Jakarta that was inspired by the principles of homeschooling.

Wanti Wowor, the headmaster and founder of Morning Star Academy, is considered a pioneer in homeschooling methods in her country. She sought an alternative in education for her children because she was disappointed with the education system in Indonesia.

Wowor actually traveled to the United States specifically to learn about homeschooling. I find it pretty cool that US homeschooling methods are considered so successful that they became a model for an education system in another country.

My favorite part of the entire article is when Wowor says, I found the schools only gave the students an awful lot of tasks and made them memorize what was written in textbooks.”  She then goes on to say, “I wanted to make sure my children get the right education. I wanted to teach my children to understand about life, to ask questions and be curious, not just accept ideas.”

Apparently, the US public school system isn’t alone when it comes to rote memorization and the squashing of free-thinking.

At Morning Star Academy students attend classes three or four days a week. The focus of the school is getting parents involved in their children’s education. To enroll in the school parents must commit to spending the time it takes to help their children.

Morning Star Academy was slow to catch on. But eventually the families involved began to see the benefit to their children’s education and the focus on family. Word spread and popularity grew. There are more than 20 schools in operation now.

This inspirational woman started out as a frustrated mother who simply wanted to give her children a better education. She did something about it and then took it a step further to help children all over her country.


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