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The Governor of Nevada, Jim Gibbons, has declared that March 30th-April 5th is Home Education Awareness Week.

This acknowledgement of homeschooling is a source of pride for those who homeschool in the state of Nevada.  To mark the occasion the Nevada Homeschool Network is hosting two celebrations, one in Reno and the other in Las Vegas.

The Reno event, to be held on April 3rd, is a book fair and fundraiser at Barnes & Noble. The Las Vegas event, on April 2nd, will be a homeschool community potluck. Homeschoolers from across the area will celebrate Home Education Awareness Week by gathering together for a potluck picnic.

The Las Vegas celebration will include many community resources, including the Las Vegas Mounted Police, Fire Safety and Cap’n Dave Eisenstein and his fossils. Those are just a few of the many guests scheduled to attend this event.

There will be media coverage of the celebration.

As a homeschooling parent who currently resides in the state of Nevada, I have to say that I am really pleased by this news. As I’ve stated before, it can often seem like the powers that be work against us. It is somewhat reassuring to know that the Nevada governor supports homeschooling enough to declare Home Education Awareness Week.

We’re a military family so we won’t always remain in Nevada. I can only hope that the next place we venture is as supportive of homeschoolers as the state of Nevada seems to be.

If any of our readers are in the Reno or Las Vegas area and would like more information on the upcoming events, please check out the Nevada Homeschool Network.

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